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Dear Friend,

Together, with early childhood educators, program directors, and coalition partners, Under 3 DC made 2022 an incredible year for the District’s early education sector. We saw implementation of the Pay Equity Fund, the first step in compensation parity with DC Public School teachers. The Pay Equity Fund also funds HealthCare4ChildCare, free, quality health insurance for employees of early education programs from the DC Health Benefit Exchange.

Our community grew in numbers and depth because our staff and coalition members dedicated themselves to learning about each other and building consensus, partnership, and trust. These relationships made it possible for us to pivot in the face of the unexpected, lean into each other when things seemed impossible, and believe in our own strength and power. Read more about this incredible year in the brand new 2021-22 Under 3 DC Impact Report.

As we look back on the year, we express deep gratitude to the teachers, families of young children, and program leaders who are at the core. You bore a heavy weight this year, and we see you. If you haven’t yet, join us. Let’s continue transforming our city to ensure that all children receive an equitable, strong start. Together, we can do more.



Kimberly Perry
Executive Director




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