The UPDATE | May 19



Urge DC Council Members to Let District Families Stay in Their Homes and #EndtheCliff

While we appreciate Chair Mendelson’s commitment to reform rapid re-housing and increase in targeted affordable housing vouchers, we need bold and decisive action now, before the budget is finalized, to keep 913 families with children from being evicted this year (and hundreds more next year) and left to re-enter the cycle of homelessness. If we want to end homelessness, we need to focus on prevention. Ask the DC Council to do everything they can to fix rapid rehousing this year. District families can’t wait.

Click here to tweet your support and tell the DC Council that you are counting on them to act.

2022 Policy Snapshot: Immigrant Children's Program and DC Health Care Alliance

Last week's budget vote likely means that District residents who rely on the DC Healthcare Alliance for medical insurance will no longer face the burdensome requirement of recertifying twice a year, but instead will recertify once a year like those enrolled in every other District public health insurance programs. Read more about the program, including recommendations to improve its accessibility.


OST Voices: Every Student Should Have Access to Music

DC Strings Workshop Artistic Executive Director Andrew Lee explains how DC Strings works to fill in the gap in music education for District students and how music therapy is used to help students deal with trauma.

Spread the Word about Family Economic Supports

It’s not too late to get the Child Tax Credit! Even though the tax season has ended, almost all families qualify. Encourage the families you know to submit a simplified return at before mid-November 2022.

For young parents, the District recently made nutrition support a little more accessible by enabling WIC participants to use an electronic card (eWIC) to pay for groceries. Eligible families who were deterred by the stigma and hassle of paper vouchers that had to be used in certain stores should consider signing up for this added nutrition support now that it’s easier to use. Find more about this program and the change to eWIC here. In response to the current formula shortage, find instructions on formula substitutions here.

All DC residents eligible for SNAP and WIC can get fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers markets and food stands through FRESHFARM’s Produce Plus program. Sign up here.



We Want to Do More Than Survive by Bettina L. Love describes the urgent need for schools and educators to intentionally and thoughtfully discuss racism and oppression in the classroom, both to liberate children of color and dismantle white supremacy.


The Black Swan Academy is holding a #PoliceFreeSchools teach-in online on May 26 from 5:30pm-7pm. Hear from District young people about their vision for safe schools and the resources, tools, and support necessary to achieve that goal. RSVP here for the teach-in.


Suave, a podcast about youth incarceration and life in prison, chronicles the life of one man sentenced to life in prison without parole for a crime he committed at age 17. Suave recently won the Pulitzer Prize for audio reporting.