The Update | March 10

Performance Oversight Hearings Pave the Way for March 16 Release of Bowser's Budget

Too often the systems that have been built over generations don’t serve the needs of Black and brown residents, especially children and youth. That is why the DC Council’s performance oversight hearings are so essential. These hearings are one of the best opportunities for the public to demand greater accountability and transparency from policy makers, so our agencies are able to improve the public programs and services that our communities deserve, and for us to gather the data and information needed to make them more responsive moving forward.

Thank you to everyone who submitted written testimony or appeared before DC Council committees during performance oversight hearings. Our staff and more than 60 coalition members testified on issues including simplifying the DC Healthcare Alliance certification, OST funding, early childhood educator compensation and language access, workforce and behavioral health services for youth experiencing homelessness, expanding health and nutrition programs, and more.
Mayor Bowser is scheduled to release her FY23 budget on March 16, and brief the DC Council about the contents of her budget on March 18. DC Action will be examining the proposed budget line by line to assess funding commitments to and areas of improvement for programs that serve the District’s children and youth.

Horizons Greater Washington Offers a Whole Year's Worth of Summer Academics and Swimming

“Imagine if every young person in the District had a trusted adult who got to know them during the summer,” writes Horizons Greater Washington’s Executive Director Mike DiMarco in the latest installment of our OST voices blog series. In addition to providing robust summer programming, Horizons emphasizes the connection between OST and classroom teachers to provide continuity in the educational experiences for young people.

Testimonies on Language Access, Alliance Certificarion, OST Funding, and Early Educator Pay Wrp Up Performance Oversight Hearings

As DC Council committees rounded out the last week of performance oversight hearings, in addition to organizing dozens of supporters to testify, several DC Action staff members testified about issues that matter to District children and families.

Testimony of Rachel Metz, Research and Data Manager on simplifying the DC Health Care Alliance enrollment and certification process

Testimony of Ryllie Danylko, Policy Analyst, on the importance of a District strategic plan for OST, fully funding the sector, and transparency in working with OST organizations

Testimony of Jamar Day, Community Organizer, on the need to quickly release plans for the early childhood educator pay supplement

Testimony of Natasha Riddle Romero, Bilingual Community Organizer, on the necessity of improving language access for limited-English proficient early childhood educators


DC Action in the News

“Throwing Away Criminal Youth Is Not the Solution,” Washington Informer, page 31, March 3, 2022

Why Carjacking Is on the Rise Among Teens in America, New York Times, March 1, 2022



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