Youth Economic Justice

Youth Economic Justice

We can’t address structural racism without addressing how it blocks economic opportunity for Black and brown children, youth and their families.

DC Action fights to ensure that young adults and all families can enter career fields of their choice, earn a living wage, and live in safe and secure housing, free from discrimination.

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Our DC Kids Count initiative provides the best available District-level and ward-level data and key indicators of child and youth well-being to inspire innovative and equitable solutions.

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Join the Youth Economic Justice and Housing Coalition

Too many young people in the District of Columbia experience homelessness without a parent or guardian — and go to sleep without the safety, stability and support of a family or a home. And, now the pandemic has further complicated their path to stability.

The Youth Economic Justice and Housing Coalition advocates with youth and youth-serving organizations in the District of Columbia for policies, funding, and programs that expand access to comprehensive support and services that disconnected and homeless youth need to successfully transition into stable and productive adulthood.

Co-chaired by DC Action, Homeless Children's Playtime Project and the Wanda Alston Foundation.

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  1. Join us in building support for these critical investments.

  2. Urge your Councilmembers to support and fully fund these priorities.

Economic Justice Resources

Letter to Mayor Bowser on Coalition's FY23 Budget Requests

"Our priorities center around providing stable, high-quality services, filling system gaps by investing in workforce development opportunities and behavioral health services for youth experiencing homelessness."

PRESS RELEASE: Final Budget Provides Some Support for Youth Experiencing Homelessness, But Not Enough

The District’s FY22 Budget closes out with mixed results for youth experiencing homelessness. Due to our collective advocacy, the DC Council found funds to restore nearly $307,000 in cuts to shelter and emergency services, rapid rehousing, and extended transitional housing--all essential services that get and keep young people off the streets.

2021 Policy Snapshot

Even with a Modest Increase in the Minimum Wage, It's Time to Consider a Guaranteed Income for Working Families

How then might we build on previous efforts to meet the needs of working families? One idea that some are considering is some form of guaranteed income. This provides direct cash payments to families, similar to one limited component of the American Rescue Plan passed in March. Because of the way federally funded social programs are regulated, however, increased income would make families ineligible for other benefits. As we explore options for supporting working families, we must ensure that potential solutions don’t result in a loss of benefits for working people. Our goal should be to move beyond the promises of a threadbare social safety net, to consider what all families need to build and enjoy the life they want and deserve.

Opinion DC Line: Kimberly Perry: Critical investments are essential to protect the District’s future

Our city — our entire society — has reached a decision point. As we begin to emerge from the worst public health crisis in a century and we grapple with the undeniable epidemic of racial injustice, we must choose how to move forward. Our children cannot afford for us to return to “normal.”

2021 Policy Snapshot

Housing Insecurity: An Eviction Pandemic

District policymakers must do everything possible to use both federal funds to ensure that all families who need support to ensure stable housing are able to keep a roof over their children's heads. 

Letter to Mayor Bowser on Coalition's FY22 Budget Priorities

"While much progress has been made, we still have a long way to go to ensure all our young people have safe housing and the support they need to make the successful transition to adulthood. Today we are writing to share our FY22 budget priorities, priorities we know will further our shared vision of a city where no young person lacks a safe and stable place to call home."