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8/22/2023 – The UPDATE | August 22 | Protecting Our Youth

7/27/2023 – The UPDATE | July 27 | Addressing the Summer Program Gap and Amplifying Youth Voices

6/27/2023 – The UPDATE | June 27 | Wages, Rents, and Words of Wisdom

6/8/2023 – The UPDATE | June 8 |Safeguarding SNAP, Feeling the Effects of Broken Promises, and Seeking Universal OST

5/25/2023 – The UPDATE | May 25, 2023 | DC Council Can Still Keep its Promises With Second FY24 Budget Vote

5/11/2023 – The UPDATE | May 11, 2023 | Tell the DC Council to Fix the #BrokenHeartBudget!

4/27/2023 – The UPDATE |April 27| FY24 Budget Vote in 19 days!

4/13/2023 – The UPDATE | April 13 | Budget Hearings Conclude. What's Next?

3/16/2023 –  The UPDATE | March 16 | Councilmember Visits, #HandsOffDC Rally Recap
Youth learn hands-on advocacy lessons

3/2/2023 – The UPDATE | March 2 |Coalition Convinces DCPS to Roll Back Requirements to Foot Security Bill Performance oversight hearings are ending. Next up: budget hearings!

2/16/2023 –The UPDATE| February 16 | Black History, Health and Nutrition, and Performance Oversight New opportunities to engage with the DC Council

2/2/2023 – The UPDATE | February 2 | Youth Summit Enables Young People to Share Concerns with Elected Officials Inside: home visiting reauthorization, equitable insurance requirements, and performance oversight season

1/19/2023 – The UPDATE | January 19 | Over-Policing Black Children and Youth Won’t Solve Violence Learn How to Participate in Performance Oversight Hearings

1/5/2023 – The UPDATE | January 5 | Preparing to Push Our Priorities in 2023 New DC Council Committees, Creating the Nation's Best OST Sector, and More


12/31/2022 – Look At The Energy We ALL Put Into Our Advocacy This Year!

12/27/2022 – Home Visitors Serve Families with Support of the Home Visiting Council 

12/20/2022 – Learning Lasts Long After the School Day Ends

12/13/2022 – Working Together to Support Early Childhood Educators

12/6/2022 – Listening and Taking Action with Our Young People

12/1/2022 – The UPDATE | December 1 

11/29/2022 - Giving Tuesday: Together, We Can Do Even More

11/22/2022 – THE UPDATE | November 22  As elected officials staff up and prepare to take the oath of office in early January, we know bold action is still needed to address the persistent and racialized poverty that cause poor outcomes in child and youth well-being.

11/10/2022 – THE UPDATE | November 10  An Under 3 DC Town Hall with new councilmembers from Wards 3 & 5; the DC Early Education Expo; Youth Advocacy Day at the Wilson Building; and Parent Focus Groups are the focus. 

10/27/2022 – THE UPDATE | October 27  DC Action Director of Early Childhood Ruqiyyah Anbar-Shaheen responded to a recent Washington Post editorial “How to fix America's child-care industry” by pointing out the omission of the historic work happening in the District to improve our own early childhood education sector.

10/13/2022  – THE UPDATE | October 13  In recent weeks, educators and students from several out-of-school-time (OST) organizations met with DC Council Members, Deputy Mayor for Education Paul Kihn, and Learn24 Director Dr. Shontia Lowe to discuss current challenges facing OST programs as they try to focus on best meeting the needs of children and youth.

9/29/2022  – THE UPDATE | September 29  The District will take a significant step in advancing equitable compensation for early childhood educators in January 2023, when it makes free, quality, publicly financed health insurance available to early educators and eligible employees at licensed early learning facilities. 

9/15/2022 – THE UPDATE | September 15  The start of the school year can bring a range of feelings into focus for District families. Many are relieved that summer is over, and they have increased support from "the village" of educators and out-of-school programs. 

8/18/2022 – THE UPDATE | August 18  Check our latest updates including our some new OST Voices blogs, a reflection from one of our summer fellows, and a staffing update!

7/14/2022 – THE UPDATE | July 14

6/23/2022 – THE UPDATE | June 23  

6/17/2022 – Juneteenth: Commemoration, Education, and Action On June 19, we commemorate the end of slavery with a celebration now known as Juneteenth, a reminder of not just freedom won, but how it is fought for and ultimately realized.

6/8/2022 – What the District’s FY23 Budget Means for Children, Youth, and Families  The DC Council approved the final vote on the FY23 budget. Here's what it means for our priorities

6/2/2022 – THE UPDATE | June 2  The latest DC Action updates including updates about the Council's second budget vote and our new OST Voices blog

5/25/2022 – Take Action | May 25  Step 1: Show Compassion, Step 2: Take Action

5/19/2022 – THE UPDATE | May 19  The latest DC Action updates including our new OST Voices blog, a policy snapshot update and a call to action.

5/12/2022 – THE UPDATE: DC Council Holds First Vote on Budget    We will continue to advocate for our recommendations ahead of the second FY23 vote

5/5/2022 – The UPDATE | May 5, 2022    We work every day to uplift and empower youth and we are filled with gratitude for the support we receive.

4/22/2022 – The UPDATE | April 22, 2022    Check out our latest updates surrounding the FY 2023 budget mark-ups and several calls to action!

4/8/2022 –   The UPDATE | April 8, 2022    

3/25/2022 – The UPDATE | March 25, 2022    Check out our thoughts on the Mayor's FY23 budget release, our latest OST voices blog, and more!

3/10/2022 – The UPDATE | March 10, 2022     

2/28/2022 – The UPDATE | February 28, 2022     Check out our latest OST Voices blog and testimony from last week's performance oversight hearings

2/24/2022 – The UPDATE | February 24, 2022     DC Action's latest updates on home visiting, youth justice and upcoming performance oversight hearings.

2/10/2022 – The UPDATE | February 10, 2022   

1/28/2022 – The UPDATE | January 28, 2022   Collective voices are coming together for social change and action.

1/13/2022 – The UPDATE | January 13, 2022   2022 is here and we're ready to get started!


12/28/2021 – Kim Perry | Inspired by our Collective Impact  Take a look at the impactful actions we've taken to build a powerful advocacy for kids and youth. 

12/21/21 – Roberto | Let's strengthen all home visiting programs in the District  Parents don't receive an instruction manual. 

12/14/21 – Maggie Riden | Help us make sure no young person ever experiences homelessness  Each night, thousands of youth don't have a safe place to call home.

12/9/21 – The UPDATE | December 9, 2021  Out-of-school time programs are an accessible, inclusive solution to preventing and interrupting violence.

12/7/21 – Alethea Etinoff | Help strengthen the District's early childhood system in 2022!  A child's future begins with their parents and with early educators.

12/2/21 – The UPDATE | December 2, 2021  From new staff to our latest blogs about advocating for language access and youth employment, our newsletter has it all. 

11/30/21 – Tiffany Ward | Together on Giving Tuesday We Can Strengthen Our Advocacy in 2022  We can't accept the status quo when it comes to our children and youth

11/18/21 – The UPDATE | November 18, 2021  Driving social change within our communities testifying on youth homelessness and honoring Black Babies Month. 

11/10/21 – The UPDATE | November 10, 2021  Youth forum, advocacy for the early learning community and more.

11/3/21 – The UPDATE | November 3, 2021  Did you miss the Fall Reception and Awards Ceremony? That's okay, here's a recap.

10/29/21 – The UPDATE | October 29, 2021  How Biden's plan might spark gains for children and families.

10/14/21 – The UPDATE | October 14, 2021  Task force takes on equitable early educator compensation.

10/6/21 – The UPDATE | October 6, 2021 While confirmed COVID-19 cases among children are less common than among adults, more than 10,000 District children and youth have still contracted the disease.


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