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Dear Friend,

At our recent Advocacy Day at the Wilson Building, we were joined by three young people from Sasha Bruce Youthwork–Daja, DVontay, and Flo–seasoned alumni who shared their experiences with DC Councilmembers and their staff. After listening to our young people talk about their journeys from teenagers seeking services to young adults working to make systemic change, one DC Council staffer said, “it’s one thing to be at the table, but it’s another thing to be leading the conversation.”

We agree. That’s why our Youth Economic Justice and Housing Coalition is urging District leaders to deeply invest in the programs most requested by young people experiencing homelessness: workforce development tailored to their needs and mobile mental health services.

Together, we can achieve this goal. Your support is integral. It takes all of our voices, and careful listening to each other–including empowering our young people who have experienced challenges firsthand to be part of crafting solutions.



Kimberly Perry
Executive Director




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