Learning Lasts Long After the School Day Ends






Dear Friend,

They made me fall in love with art. This program was practically my second home when I was a kid.”

“Being here feels calming. I need to get outdoors where I can feel the breeze and the sun.”

After picking a ripe strawberry from the program’s garden, “Wow! This tastes just like strawberry ice cream!”

These are quotes from young people describing the out-of-school-time activities they love. Whether they are making art; examining beavers and turtles through binoculars; or growing, cooking, and eating fresh and healthy food–or other safe, fun, and enriching opportunities–young people benefit from OST programs.

Especially as our community continues to feel the effects of the pandemic–in educational outcomes, physical and mental health, and economic stress–ensuring that our children and youth are connected with caring adults and mentors outside the home is essential.

The DC OST Coalition has successfully advocated for increased support for OST providers, but there are still hundreds of families seeking access to affordable, high-quality opportunities. Together, we can do more to connect children and families with great programs where they can become creators, environmentalists, chefs, or whatever they want to be.




Kimberly Perry
Executive Director




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