End of Year Appeal - December 14, 2021

Help us make sure no young person ever experiences homelessness

Each night, thousands of DC youth don’t have a safe place to call home. A spot to do their homework, get advice, share about a first day on the job. 

These young people are overwhelmingly (98%) Black and brown.

More than one-third identify as LGBTQIA+.

They are survivors of trauma and abuse.

They are struggling to successfully finish school and enter the workforce--especially in a pandemic economy.

AND they are brilliant and bold self advocates who aren’t afraid of a challenge. They are working every day to improve their opportunities for the future. 

Join me in giving $22 for 2022 to help us provide these young people with the support and resources they need and deserve.

You can help us expand prevention and housing services, strengthen school-based supports, enhance youth access to behavioral health services and workforce development opportunities, and ultimately cut off the pipeline to chronic homelessness for thousands of our most vulnerable young people. 
For every day unhoused youth sit without shelter, they are 2% more likely to experience homelessness in adulthood. And it’s cumulative--2 days without stable housing means they’re 4% more likely to become a homeless adult. 
If we’re serious about ending homelessness generally, we have to end homelessness among our youth. Fortunately, we are building on a strong foundation--the District has become a leader in effectively addressing youth homelessness in the past decade. But we can’t stop until there are no youth living on the streets, in shelters, or crashing on someone’s couch. The Youth Economic Justice and Housing Coalition, powered by DC Action, is working to help thousands of young people access the services and skills they need to achieve stability.
Join me in giving $22 for 2022, so DC Action can pursue our bold vision to make sure no young person ever experiences homelessness. 


Maggie Riden is the former executive director of DC Alliance for Youth Advocates, which merged with DC Action for Children in 2021 to form DC Action. She is currently a consultant with DC Action. 

About DC Action

DC Action is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, multi-issue advocacy organization making the District of Columbia a place where all kids grow up safe, resilient, powerful and heard. DC Action uses research, data, and a racial equity lens to break down barriers that stand in the way of all kids reaching their full potential. We are home to DC Kids Count, Under 3 DC, DC Out-of-School Time Coalition, the DC Home Visiting Council and the Youth Homelessness Advocacy Coalition. Our collaborative advocacy campaigns bring the power of young people and all residents to raise their voices to create change.


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