Budget and Legislative Advocacy

Budget and Legislative Advocacy

We Must Move the District of Columbia Toward Equity for Children, Youth, and Families

We will be unable to address any kind of inequality, without addressing racism. The effects of COVID exacerbate inequalities and amplifies the District’s fragmented response to serving our residents.

DC Action leads the demand for Innovative and equitable investments like universal early education, preventive health care homes, trauma-informed education and community-based services, mental health care, and safer communities resulting from more community social workers and less over-policing.

Stay Informed

Our DC Kids Count initiative provides the best available District-level and ward-level data and key indicators of child and youth well-being to inspire innovative and equitable solutions.

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DC Action's Budget Priorities

Fiscal Year 2023 (Spring 2022 session)

Fiscal Year 2022 (Summer 2021 session)

Fiscal Year 2020-21 (Summer 2020 session)

Make a Difference

  1. Join us in building support for these critical investments.
  2. Urge your Councilmembers to support and fully fund these priorities.

Budget and Legislative Advocacy Resources

January 28, 2022 – DC Action's 2022 Legislative and Budget Recommendations


October 1, 2021 – What the New Budget Means for Children and Youth

The District of Columbia’s fiscal year begins October 1. This means that many of the investments that we campaigned for earlier this year will begin to go into effect. This budget does more than any other in recent memory to make critical investments in health outcomes, economic stability, and educational opportunities for our children, youth and their families, particularly in Black and brown communities. 

August 11, 2021 – FY22 Budget Priorities Tracker

Let's make sure this budget is a truly a budget that protects and prioritizes the needs of kids, youth, and their families. Follow along with our recently updated tracker of investments.