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It's Pride Month!


It's Pride Month, here in the Nation's Capital, and around the country and world. Pride is a time for us all to stop and reflect on the impact LGBTQIA+ people have had on the world. It is also a time to promote the affirmation, dignity, equality, and visibility of our LGBTQIA+ kids, families, residents and communities. 

We recognize the intersection of systemic racism and discrimination faced by LGBTQIA+ people, Black and Brown people, and many children and families in the District. 

Did you know that...

  • Eight percent (8%) of DC middle school students and 15% of DC high school students identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual (more)

  • More than one-third of "single" (non-parenting) youth experiencing homelessness without a parent are LGBTQIA+

  • DC's lesbian, gay, and bisexual high school students were three times as likely as their heterosexual peers to have been harassed on school property and were more than twice as likely to have missed at least a day of school in the past month because they felt unsafe.  (more)

While traditional Pride parades and other events have been canceled this year because of COVID-19, DC Action encourages our community to find other ways to commemorate Pride:

And remember in this moment of protests that capture increasing outrage about the centuries of racism in our country, that the origin of Pride was the Stonewall riots, in which Black and Latinx LGBTQIA+ individuals fought back against police brutality.



As DC Council Committee hearings continued this week, we offered testimony to the Committee on Health, providing essential information about the immediate and long-term benefits of critical health  programs designed for children and their families.

  • Under 3 DC Coalition Director Ronald Jarrett’s testimony about the importance of WIC.
  • DC Action Research and Data Manager Rachel Metz’s testimony about the benefits of public health insurance to families.
  • DC Action Early Childhood Program Associate Nisa Hussain’s testimony about the immediate and long-term value of home visiting programs.

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June 11, 2020