The UPDATE | June 2



Last week, the DC Council held its second vote to approve the FY23 budget and accompanying amendments. Based on the results of the first vote, DC Action did not anticipate any major changes to the priorities we have been campaigning for in the second vote. There were a few revisions to the budget that will make a big difference for District children, youth, and families:

Youth Homelessness

$215,000 has been reallocated to increase funding for youth homelessness services. This brings the total amount to $1.2 million to meet the intensive needs of young people who are unhoused.

Economic Justice

Community and worker-led organizing put pressure on policymakers to respond to the needs of District workers who were ineligible for unemployment benefits during the pandemic. The resulting amendment, introduced by Councilmember Elissa Silverman, was unanimously approved, dedicating $20 million of the anticipated budget surplus to provide financial assistance to 15,000 workers. The District’s Chief Financial Officer must certify the budget for funds to be allocated.

DC Health Care Alliance and Medicaid

The second budget vote included a $6.9 million one-time increase for the DC Health Care Alliance and a $20.3 million one-time increase spread across various parts of the Medicaid program, both for “Enhancement to meet: Medicaid payment requirements per federal extension to public health emergency." Right now it isn't entirely clear what that means. But we share the concerns of national organizations that millions of children nationally could lose health care coverage once the federal public health emergency is officially over and all the people who the federal government required states to keep enrolled in Medicaid no longer have that protection. While we don’t know if these budget boosts address that issue, we're hoping they’re a sign that the District will not make that transition too abruptly.

The final vote to approve the District’s FY23 budget will be held Tuesday, June 7.



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June 3, 2022