Racism defines almost every aspect of society. We have seen how generations of inequality have resulted in a nation struggling to maintain a civil society today. The time has come to let go of outmoded paradigms, protocols, and biases in all of our social systems. This starts by acknowledging that our child care system does not yet provide justice for our Black and Brown educators and little ones. This acknowledgement must also include fully investing now in our child care system which is crucial to rebuilding and progressing toward a more equitable and thriving city.

Yesterday the DC Council passed the COVID-19 Response Emergency Amendment Act. We appreciate the Council's quick and decisive action to support vulnerable District residents and small businesses. As we all navigate this unfamiliar public health situation, the needs of child care and youth providers require additional immediate action to ensure that providers remain viable and that families - particularly low-income families - can maintain their much needed support.

Since 1992, DC Action for Children has served as a leading voice working on behalf of DC children and families. Through research and advocacy for equitable policies, we work to ensure that all DC children have the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their race/ethnicity, zip code or family’s income. We are also the home of DC KIDS COUNT, an online resource that tracks key indicators of child well-being in the District.