We can all agree that this year's budget season was like no other. To remind you, Mayor Bowser presented her budget on May 18th and the DC Council began their public hearings later that week to respond, assess, weigh in, seek public input, debate, modify and finalize the city’s moral document that will guide spending for the next year, during one of the most challenging times in history. The final budget was completed in late July, signed by Mayor Bowser and sent to Capitol Hill for its required 30-day review period

Heading into a budget season with a $500 million surplus, we call on the District’s leaders to build a budget that puts children and youth first.

We co-authored this opinion editorial published by the DC Line with our colleagues at the Children's Law Center, School Justice Project, DC Fiscal Policy Institute, PAVE, DC Alliance of Youth Advocates and Georgetown Juvenile Justice Initiative to urge Mayor Bowser to make three necessary investments for all of our children.