Our Statement on the Murder of 18-Year-Old Deon Kay by MPD Officer

DC Action for Children

Last week, several DC communities were traumatized by another shooting of a young Black man. This time it was fatal. This time by the hands of the Metropolitan Police Department. ENOUGH! We are sickened and outraged by this violence. We mourn with the family of Deon Kay, and the communities who love him. We mourn with the children, youth, and communities who are once again traumatized by violence, which will have a lifelong impact.

As protesters demand greater accountability, bodycam footage was released pursuant with a new law passed by the DC Council. The release of this footage is important, but we must go further. We must fight against the use of deadly force in community policing. The Washington Post reported that the shooting of Deon Kay was the fourth this year, five in 2019, one fatal, and two in 2018, both of which were fatal. This is unacceptable.

There is no excuse for police to use deadly force. State violence in any form does not make our communities safer. We stand with everyone calling for justice and demanding accountability.



September 3, 2020