ACTION ALERT: Tell the DC Council, “No Cuts to Vital Programs!"

Photo collage of children and families

Without any public debate, the DC Council is rushing a last-minute deal to cut $18 million in funding for programs and services that help those hit hardest by COVID-19. Further diminishing vital programs during a pandemic and doing so behind closed doors - at a time when there are serious unmet needs is reckless and immoral. The DC Council is debating this decision right now, and they could vote on it as early as tonight.

We need you to join us RIGHT NOW and tell them NO CUTS to child care, behavioral health, eviction prevention funds, affordable housing, excluded workers, or other essential programs. All of these gains are at great risk and on the chopping block. 

Just two weeks ago, the DC Council rejected a proposal supported by 83% of voters asking our wealthiest residents to pay more in taxes.  The DC Council also sidestepped the growing demand to divest from the police to fund communities. But, now they are threatening cuts that would hurt children and families most at risk. 

The DC Council, thus far, has aimed to center racial equity in their budgeting process. Cutting vital programs intended to lift Black and brown children and families is not racial equity. It is harmful. 

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July 22, 2020