2023 Renaissance Awards

Nominations open

2023 Award Nominations

DC Action's 2023 Renaissance Awards on May 23, 2023, will celebrate the successful rebirth of our organization since our merger with DCAYA and continue our tradition of honoring the contributions of the youth, young adults, residents, and District leaders who are blazing new trails in advocacy. We will lift up individuals and groups who collaboratively and consistently bring to life our collective vision of making the District of Columbia a place where all of our children and young people grow up safe, resilient, powerful, and heard.

Do you know someone who is making extraordinary contributions to improve the quality of life for children, youth and families in Washington, DC? Nominate them to receive a DC Action 2023 Renaissance Award. See the award categories below, and submit your nomination today. 


Nominations have closed. Thank you for your submission.  


Award Categories

Early Educator of the Year Award

DC Action and co-sponsor, the DC Association for the Education of Young Children (DCAEYC), will recognize an early childhood education professional who has made an extraordinary contribution in improving the quality of care and education of young children. Eligible educators include teachers, teaching assistants, and family home-based educators who work directly with young children, birth to age five, in community-based programs or family child care settings. The honoree will receive a star trophy and a cash prize of $1,500.

Home Visitor of the Year Award

DC Action will recognize a home visiting professional who has made a significant contribution partnering with families to help them have healthy babies, encourage positive child development, and guide parents and caretakers in the important work of caring for their young children. The honoree will receive a star trophy and a cash prize of $1,500.

Shooting Star Award

DC Action will recognize a young leader, age 16 to 24, who is creating meaningful change for children or youth in their community by demonstrating dedication, vision, and passion for collective advocacy and inspiring hope for the District's future. The honoree will receive a star trophy and a cash prize of $1,500.

Youth Champion of the Year Award

DC Action will recognize an extraordinary adult ally who champions positive youth development, building resilience, and leadership development among school-age children and youth. The honoree will receive a star trophy and a cash prize of $1,500.

Nominations have closed. Thank you for your submission. 


The Nomination Process

We hope you nominate professionals and young people who have demonstrated extraordinary efforts to advance equity and the well-being of children and youth in the District of Columbia. The nominees must live or work in the District of Columbia. Judges will evaluate your nominations on the basis of:

  • Level of impact
  • Specific examples of extraordinary contributions
  • Your description of why you believe the nominee is worthy of this honor

After the nomination close date, DC Action and the panel of judges will select the honorees. Honorees will be notified via email, announced in April, and recognized at DC Action's Renaissance Awards on Tuesday, May 23rd at 5:30 PM. Honoree attendance is mandatory.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whom should I nominate? You should nominate a young leader or a professional in the field of early education, home visiting, or youth development who exemplifies the characteristics in the descriptions above. 

Why should I nominate someone? This is a chance to honor an inspiring youth or young adult, a peer, mentor, or colleague. It is also an opportunity to share an inspiring story of success with others. If you know someone who serves as an example to you, this is your chance to help share that person’s story with a larger audience.

Can I submit more than one nomination? Yes. You many submit as many as you like. 

How are the honorees chosen? Honorees are selected by a panel of judges and based on the quality of information and storytelling in nomination forms. 

What makes for an effective nomination? Use concrete examples to persuade the judges that the nominee has made an impact on the District's children and youth. The best nominations are clear, short and complete. They include specifics such as dates, actions and examples of the nominee’s contributions. 

Does the nominee have to be local? A nominee needs to live or work in the District of Columbia. No exceptions.

What do judges look for? The judges look for inspiring stories from inspiring people. They also look for specific examples from the nominee’s life or profession. They will evaluate nominations based on level of impact, specific examples of extraordinary contributions, your description of why you believe the nominee is worthy of this honor

Can I just send you their resume? No. A resume doesn't tell us enough. We’re looking for stories. You should include information that exemplifies the characteristics in the descriptions above.  

How about a link to a web site about the nominee? Sure. You can include a link to additional information if you want. The judges are not obligated to open the link, but it could prove useful if they have further questions or seek additional information.